Come join Joe and Kelly as they sit down and chat with each other about what ever the hell they want this is their show are you trying to tell them what their ART is? Because if you are that is so not cool. They only guarantee that they are fun people to be around or so they've heard. Special Guests sometimes included but hey we all get busy sometimes, we all know how it gets no judgement but let us know if you have something to say and we might chat about it.









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We Talk about a lot in this one we hope you enjoy.

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Welcome back folks sorry it's been so long 

we have a lot of fun stuff to share with what we've been up to lately

Scabbed Up Comedy

Created by Chris May 

Insta @chrismayhole

Hot dog butt tattoo by Erin Boyle

Insta @sweetpeachparfait

Then we Talk about Coasting a short Documentary series by Tyler Kretz.

Have you scene Spider-man Into the Spiderverse? Because we highly recommend that you do.

Also we talk about my dates upcoming check My Web Site for all of those details as well

Direct download: Episode_23_Back_in_the_Saddle.mp3
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Episode 22 we sit down and chat with our friend Wasuji and we talk about everything movies, South Korea, Go, and of course Video Games check out his Twitch channel (Wasuji Twitch) In fact fun fact our newest episode was also live on our Twitch Channel and we will be doing these as often as we can so feel free to join the conversation or get your fix earlier than when we release the podcast as well as a bonus where after the episode we also play a game which you can also see at our Twitch page (Whoisjoedegand Twitch) 

Direct download: episode_22_edit.mp3
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Joe and Kelly are back we just kinda winged this one talked about some fun stuff and Jurassic Park way too much but enjoy we hope you like it we are getting ready for some big changes to the podcast so get ready.

Direct download: episode_21_clean.mp3
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That's right we're back you hotties and you know what that means. new chits and chats with all the good vibes. We talk about what we've been up to since we last talked to all of you. Thanks for checking this out please like and or share and our just tell a friend about the show either way. Also keep up with everything we are doing at

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One of our friends from another podcast that is no longer a thing she was the co host of one of our favorites Emergency Pants! Podcast look it up ya losers!

Direct download: Episode_11_Let_me_Beefranck_with_you.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_10_We_Should_Have_Been_Murdered.mp3
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I used to record my drives into the City of chicago when i used to attend classes at the Second City this was one of those days.

Direct download: Episode_8_Solo_JoJo.mp3
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We went to Arkansas and played Apples 2 Apples with the fam  circa 2012

Direct download: Episode_7_Apples_2_Apples.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_9_The_Clapper_Incident.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_6_Goatse_For_The_Win.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_5_Boomshika_My_Butt.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_4_Put_Your_Pants_Back_On.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_3_Were_Kat_People.mp3
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First episode with a new format more of these to come i love the freedom with this one.


Kory Smith and Sean Blaha comedy Familia

Direct download: Driven_1_Kory_Smith__Sean_Blaha.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_2_Face_Kegels.mp3
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Direct download: Episode_1_Plugcast.mp3
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This for all the folks at Moe Joe's in downtown Plainfield IL who come out every week thisnis a silly song that has been stuckmin some heads so here ya go merry Christmas Look us up strange things are happening every week on Tuesday.

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REAL FRIGHT 1 Nightmare on Elm Street 1&2

Matt, Dustin and Joe talk about the two films that introduced Freddy Kruger to the world. 

Direct download: RealFright1NightmareonElmStreet12.mp3
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We are finally back and we have some new ideas so bare with us as we try to flush them out please thanks for still listening.

Direct download: Episode19WelcomeBack.mp3
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Matt and Joe are joined by Josh and Steve for a night on the open mic circuit.

Direct download: Episode18BroNight.mp3
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Matt and Joe head to mystic Milwaukee to visit their pal Paul the writer. And we talk about Bronies, Germany, and Dating what? yep I said it dating. Like us on Facebook and share the show with your friends. Questions are always welcome and remember to rate us on Itunes and leave a review.

Direct download: Episode17SweetSweetPaul.mp3
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Joe and Matt meet up with LSD (Logan Square Dave) at an open mic in Western Springs and we meet a fun cast of characters and have a blasty. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy please tell a friend about the show.

Direct download: Episode16JokesandHarmonicaSolos.mp3
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Kelly is such an awesome wife that she got Joe Tickets to see his Favorite Joe Rogan and we recorded our adventure. Enjoy and tell a friend about the show. 

Direct download: Episode15_Joe_Rogan_Rules.mp3
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Joe, Kelly, and Matt travel into the city for some open mic shenanigans and giggles good times were had by all and we end up reminiscing about the teachers of our past big ups to Nick Johne for hosting the Saturday Night Open Mic in Rm.405 at The Second City Training Center Look it up and come out its a good crowd and vibe.

Direct download: Episode14TeachersRule.mp3
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Joe and Matt travel to Milwaukee To visit their friend Paul on a stormy night full of adventure and even with a visit from a vampire.

Direct download: Episode13AdventuresInMilwaukee.mp3
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We went to a beer tasting and we watched some people blow glass so we tought we would share it with you.

Direct download: Episode12BlowItOutYourGlass.mp3
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We Went to Three Floyds Brewery in Munster IN enough said. It was amazing and we had the end of the episode lost forever so it ends a bit weird but it was still worth posting hope you dig it Check out Three Floyds Brewery at you won't be disappointed.

Direct download: Episode11InThreeFloydsWePray.mp3
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Kelly and Joe talk to Matt about a lot of stuff including but not limited to Sex,sex ed, Give it up! a documentary we've been working on and much much more.

Direct download: Episode10OralPleasures.mp3
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We are on our way home from a night in the city to film Colleen Farrell's part for our Indie GoGo Campaign video about the documentary we are trying to raise money for. For more info on that check out . By the way Kelly is tipsy and we have quite the adventure on our way home from the city.


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Episode 8 Joliet Dave's First Time

Joe and Matt told some jokes on a stage and this time they brought along their pal Joliet Dave. He did pretty good you guys you would all be proud. We recorded an episode on the way home so we apologize for the quality but we had to. And it was super fun. Like us on Facebook and tell a friend about the podcast. Follow us on Twitter @joetat3rd, @mattwestrom, @thatsdavewithad

Direct download: Episode8JolietDavesFirstTime.mp3
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Our pal Daymon was in our neck of the woods and stopped by to talk about a lot of stuff and some Teen Wolf so heads up Spoiler alert for Teen Wolf. Just so ya know we get crazy silly Hit us up on Facebook with any questions you would like to hear Joe, Matt, or Kelly answer. Thanks for listening. 

Direct download: Episode7NotAnotherTeenWolf.mp3
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Matt came by to see Joe and Kelly and we talked about Smallville video game music, sex probably a little too. But hey we're all adults here what the hell am I still typing oh no Joe is drunk posting Podcasts everybody as they never say ladies and gents never drink and pod unless of course you have really funny an nice friends. Just saying shout out to those who detest drama whilest sweet liquors are delicately poured down our gullets.

Direct download: Episode6BeenBusy.mp3
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Matt stops buy and we some how manage to talk about fights for about 5 mins and tandgently augment our reality for the rest of the time. Oh and a good time is had by all. Like us on that Facebook thing and send us your questions we'll try to answer anything.

Direct download: Episode5Fights.mp3
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Matt stops by and we talk movies and lots of fun is had by all Kelly stays awake the whole time. Feel free to like us on Facebook and send us your show topics and questions we will read them all and only answer the ones we like so there.

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Joe, Matt, and Dustin discuss The Evil Dead Remake it was pretty good check out our thoughts and spoilers are a plenty so don't listen if you wanna know.

Direct download: Episode3TalkEvilToMe.mp3
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Katie and Matt join Joe and Kelly and things get weird. But one thing is for sure you get to hear what it is like to spend a night chatting with these two the laughs never stop.

Direct download: Episode2Vagtriloquist.mp3
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I apologize but we recorded this one in the car on our way into the heart of Chicago's sketch comedy underbelly. Kelly falls asleep on the way home but Joe and Matt hold it down. Email us questions and Show topics at

Direct download: ep1Welcometothesketchpadd_2.mp3
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We are here to rock you toes socks off. Our goal will be to bring you several different podcast each month so keep your eyes peeled for new shows from Interviews on our Story Time Episodes or any of our new concepts we are going to try out lend us your ears and you won't be disappointed.

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